Setting up the FREE Unusual Whales Discord bot

Setup and troubleshooting documentation for the Unusual Whales DIscord bot

The FREE Unusual Whales Discord bot can be added to your server here.

This bot is still very much in development. New commands are being added, and the current commands and outputs are being adjusted for optimization and ease of use.  Please report any bugs to

Commend /help will pull up the list of commands you can input to receive LIVE market data

For any commands in which additional information must be input please use the provided field as shown.

You can use command /followtheflow to set up automated messages in a channel of your choosing

Additional types of automated data will be added in future updates to the bot.

Basic troubleshooting

The bot can only be added to a server by a member with administrative privileges

If the command /followtheflow returns the error `You cannot modify the event settings because you do not have admin privileges`: give the unusual_whales_crier bot a role with all administrative privileges

If the bot commands return a blank message ensure that the bot has permission to include embeds and files

If you require further assistance please email