Getting started with the Unusual Whales Discord server

Setup and general information about the Unusual Whales Discord server

You can join the server here:

The server is free to join for all. There are private channels for those who have purchased an Unusual Whales subscription.

🚩 There is NO BTC giveaway, or anything of the sort. Given the size of the Unusual Whales Discord server we are the target of bot scams. We recommend disabling the receipt of DMs from server members, which can be accomplished via the server settings. 🚩

The subscriber chat channels are as follows:

#questions - the best place to ask any questions pertaining to the Unusual Whales platform, options, or anything else related to trading
#private-treehouse - general chat for subscribers
#flow-discussions - let's follow the flow: share and discuss your flow findings here
#market-chat - general market related chat

The premium alert channel is the #buffet-buffet. This alert feed mirrors that of the website and the mobile app.

Once a subscription has been purchased you can link your Discord account via the website settings page in order to gain access to the private channels.

If you've successfully linked your account but still don't see the private channels try the 'relink' button located on the settings page. If you need a different Discord account linked email and they can assist.

Once your account has been successfully linked it will be assigned roles based on the subscription purchased.

The subscriber roles are as follows:

Buffet's Seafood Buffet
Super Seafarer's Buffet
Lifetime Whale

Lifetime subscribers have their own private channel.

Stay up to date with the announcement channels!

The #announcements and #unusual-changelog channels can be 'followed', allowing you to receive updates to your own Discord server whenever the UW team posts an update.

Got questions?

We're big on education. There are dedicated channels where you can pose questions about Unusual Whales, options trading. investing, and whatever else.

#questions (subscribers only)

If you require troubleshooting help or assistance with your account the #tech-support channel is open during market hours. For afterhours inquiries please email