Elon Gossip + $TSLA

Does Elon Musk gossip affect $TSLA? Let's take a look!

Elon Gossip + $TSLA

One of the drawbacks of being so rich, so vocal and so influential is the media's (sometimes unwanted) coverage of one's personal life. Gossip mags have not spared Elon Musk.

So let's talk about the relationship between Elon Gossip and his company Tesla.

Elon Gossip over time

Recently, there's been a lot of news coverage on Elon's children. But prior to $TSLA becoming a meme stock, gossip on his dating life was a pretty normal occurrence that dates back to Tesla's IPO.

When we sort breaking news on the topics they cover (ie. dating/marriage, about his kids, or break-up/divorce) and calculate the next day change in $TSLA stock price, we can see the following effects.

News about Elon's children, on average, was followed by a +2.4% bump in next day Tesla stock price. News on a break-up or divorce was followed by a +1.4% bump. However, typically good news on Elon finding a new lover or getting married was usually followed by no change.

Although this study is purely for fun, and not to be taken seriously... it appears we like the Elon drama, but we love Daddy Elon.

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