Pro-Crypto Pro Athletes Have Lost on their Crypto Wages

Pro-Crypto Pro Athletes Have Lost on their Crypto Wages
Crypto deals: Then vs now

Back in the glory days of the crypto bull market, many celebrities and influencers jumped into the world of cryptocurrencies. This included some of the world's best athletes.

First-of-their-kind deals were signed by pro athletes to have their salaries or endorsement deals paid in-part or fully in crypto.

With the dramatic bust of the crypto world, what's the state of these deals now?

The chart below shows the percent change in value of cryptocurrency deals since they were publicly announced. Bitcoin was the most popular crypto of choice for athletes, but Solana and even an NFT were up for grabs by these pros.

The biggest loser by far is Aaron Rogers (Green Bay Packers), who partnered with CashApp to convert most of his salary to Bitcoin. Fast forward to now and his BTC is down nearly 67%.

Other famous athletes who have pushed into the crypto world in 2021 included Shohei Ohtani, Tom Brady and Stephen Curry, who all joined FTX as brand ambassadors and were being paid in crypto for undisclosed amounts.

Obligatory sad whale for the state of crypto

When these deals were announced in 2021, did they influence your perception of crypto? Have you ever wanted your salary to be paid fully in crypto? How about now?

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